Tuesday, August 12, 2014

7-Day Positive Thoughts - Day 5

Back to my Positive Thoughts Challenge - Day 5

1.  Smaller clothes!  One of the best things about finally losing some weight; is that I'm now in a smaller size for many of my clothes.  And, I'm not stopping yet!  I do find myself still trying on or ordering the wrong size online.  I recently bought some new dresses for our upcoming Vegas trip - and I ordered 3 dresses in size large.  They are ALL too big!  Back they go!  It's a nice change from having to return things because they are too small!  :)

 2.  Diet Bets.  This is a great way to keep myself accountable as I get ready to go on a trip to Vegas in September and Hawaii in October.  This is my 3rd diet bet.  I lost my first 2 (each by less than 1 pound - bummer!).  But this time is different!  I'm following the Fast Metabolism Diet plan - and with 1 week down in my current diet bet I'm less than 2 pounds from my goal.  I'm determined to make it out of this round a WINNER!!!!

3.  Vacation!  I love my kiddos - but I think I'm as excited as they are that school starts in 3 weeks and my hubby and I have 2 trips planned.  First to Vegas in Sept and followed by a 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii in October!  We've been planning this trip for the past year - I'm so excited for it!  9 weeks away (but who's counting)!!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

7-Day Positive Thought Challenge (Day 3 & 4)

Somehow I managed not to publish my Day 3 post yesterday (I blame my migraine) so today is a combined post with Days 3 & 4

Day3 - Positive Thoughts!
1.  My mom and my neighbor - who are so helpful taking care of my girls this summer.  I am so thankful that the girls get to stay home (or in the neighborhood) over the summer instead of going to daycare somewhere else where I'm sure they would be bored.  My neighbor watches my girls every Thursday & Friday --- and they have a special trip to a neighborhood park each week.  It is such a fun way to keep the kiddos busy and entertained each week by exploring something new.
2.  Fast Metabolism Diet --- I love this program!  It is so easy to follow - that since I've fallen off the wagon for the past few weeks and managed to pack on over 5lbs, this program in less than 1 week has taken it right back off.

3.  Excedrine Migraine.  I started to get a migraine at work - and thankfully I carry this stuff around with me (and keep it in my desk).  I wouldn't survive without it!

Day 4
1.  It is FRIDAY & the WEEKEND!!!  I don't think I need to say anymore!

2.  Online shopping --- I love being able to order things on Monday and have them show up at my house on Thursday ----although I'm used to ordering size Large in most things -and all of the dresses that I ordered are too big.  I'm going to have to return them, but maybe I will be able to find them in the store in size Medium instead!!
3.  Haircuts!  I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon - probably the exact same style I have right now, but I love getting my haircut (I just wish I was getting a massage too!)  Sort of between these 2 styles:

Happy Friday!!!!  Enjoy your weekend and be sure to stop and think about 3 things you are thankful for!
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

7 Day Positive Thought Challenge (Day 2)

Positive Thoughts Day 2
1.  My job.  I know, that seems kind of strange; but I'm thankful that I have a great job where I'm surrounded by great people.  If I have to get up and go to work each day, at least it is at a place I enjoy going and with people who make it fun!!

2.  Puppies.  My brother and his wife just got 2 new lab puppies.  They are so cute I can hardly stand it - and it helps me with a puppy-fix; so I don't feel so bad when my husband reminds me that we can't have a puppy (he doesn't want one, so I have to be on his side).  But, my girls stayed overnight at my brother & sister-in-law's house last week and they got some puppy time too!!!  Love these little ones:

3.  Summer.  We are having a picture perfect summer --- weather-wise!!!! It has been in the mid-80's and pretty close to perfect weather.  I have to remember these days when it is 25 below zero in January.  We had an amazing time at the Paul McCartney outdoor concert on Saturday night.  Here are some pictures during his performances of "Let it Be" and "Live and Let Die".

Happy Tuesday - What are your positive thoughts today????

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Is it really August? 7-Day Challenge!

I have been MIA, it has just been such a busy summer and I really haven't felt like I've had anything to write about - I've just been working and spending time with my family - just trying to enjoy life!  We had a very tragic death in our extended family at the end of June - and since then I've really just been trying to be "in the moment" with my family.  Not a lot of facebook or instagram posting and not any focus on this little notebook blog; and it has been really nice!  I saw a few posts on FB last week though - and one of them really caught my attention - and I thought it was a nice way to ease back into my little blog world again:  Sharing 3 Positives for 7 Days!  I think this is a great challenge and I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine again.  So, here we go:

7-Day Positive Thoughts Challenge
Day 1

  1. My hubby & kiddos - who make me smile and laugh (and sometimes cry) every single day!

     2.  Fresh Grown Tomatoes - my tomato plant is finally producing some amazingly delicious little cherry               tomatoes and I love that both of my kiddos have tried them and like them too!!!
     3.  Coffee - such a fantastic little drink, that gives me the pickup I need to get started on a Monday                     morning!

Anyone else up for this 7-day Challenge?????

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

It's Wednesday!  Weigh-in time with Ash, Heather and Erin.  Nothing much to report on my weigh-in this week - I went back to check last week's weigh in, and I'm up 0.5lbs from last week.  If you saw my post on Monday; I'm back on the Fast Metabolism Diet plan.  I really need this sort of plan to follow; because right now it is just easier for me to follow a plan than to try to do it on my own............the ice cream, candy and cookies get in the way without my plan. Here is my original post that talks about what I am doing on the plan.

One other big obstacle this week for me is that we are having a Bake Sale at work tomorrow and I volunteered to bring cake pops.  The trick will be making them without eating them or licking the bowl clean at the end!   (oh and to work at the bake sale.....I'm sure the smell of yummy baked goods will push me over the edge! I will need some serious Motivation & Will Power!)    Wish me luck!!!!!

Weigh In Wednesday

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Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Monday!!!!

Today is June 2nd (Monday) - yesterday was the start of a fresh new month - JUNE!!!!  I'm ready to kick it back into gear!  I fully planned to get up and go to the gym this morning; I picked out my outfit; packed my gym bag and got everything prepped to get up and out the door...........but, one small thing - I forgot to re-set my alarm clock!  So, I didn't get up in enough time to get to the gym; so instead I worked out at home.  I did my Bikini Body Mommy - Day 29 Workout and my 2nd day of the 30-day Ab Challenge.  I did forget to put on my heart rate monitor (I really need to set it out by my clothes!!!!!).  But, at least I still managed to get my workout in!

I'm also starting a new 28-Day Fast Metabolism Diet plan.  I decided after a few weeks of coasting; it is time to clean up the eating/drinking too (nice weather = ice cream or cocktails on the deck at our house).  It is fine to have either every once in awhile; but I've slipped back into some bad treat habits again.  I just need to snap out of it.

So, I'm all ready with a fresh new attitude and outlook ---- and when I walked into work and sat down at my desk; I could smell something delicious - a huge box of pastries less than 10 feet from my desk.  Yes, I'm sitting in my chair and that is what is see if I turn my head to the left.

AGGHHH!  Well, I did look in the box; but I sat down at my desk and ate my overnight oats instead.

None for me, thank you ---- but, they sure look yummy!!!!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday - Non-Scale Victory

I'm linking up with Ash for WIW.  My weight hasn't really moved at all the past few weeks ---- and since last weekend was a holiday; I'll take NOT having the scale go up this week!

Weigh In Wednesday

I have been trying on all of my "summer" clothes since before we went on vacation in April.  I'm very happy to say that everything fits (or is actually a little too big now).  I was beyond excited this past weekend when I pulled out a pair of shorts that have not fit me in over 2 years!  Clothes are always such a great way to "measure" since often the scale and/or measuring tape itself don't really move.  This picture below is from this weekend - we were fortunate to be able to go out on a friend's boat and the girls got to go fishing for the first time (bonus - I'm wearing the shorts and I let my hubby take my picture- I really need a haircut!)

I'm back on my eating plan and I've started back up with my morning workouts this week!  I'm hopeful that the workouts will kickstart the weight loss plan back into gear!  But, I know you've all heard it before - you can't outtrain a bad diet --- true, but you still need to do the work.  I've been eating well, but I have been slacking in the workout category!  Back to business!!!!!

And speaking of clothes.........I am so excited that I finally found a Maxi Dress!!!!  I have been looking and trying on Maxi Skirts and Dresses all over the place, but they NEVER seem to fit me.  You see, I'm short --- I'm 5' 3" short and I have short legs.  Most "capri" pants are basically correct length pants on me and while everyone out there can sport an awesome maxi dress or skirt, I cannot.  Until NOW!  I saw this adorable maxi dress last week at Target.  I held it up and was shocked to see that it wasn't skimming all over the floor like normal.......so I bought it.  Tried it on at home and love it!  I haven't taken my photo yet, but I will.  As you can see on the model below, this isn't exactly to the floor on her.....it is on me, but still not scraping the floor with 3 extra inches of fabric to trip over.  SO, if you are vertically challenged and looking for a cute maxi dress, go check it out!


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