Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Happy, Good Friday.  Today I was off from work, so I got up and went to the gym to take a Cardio Kickboxing Class.  It was a good class, I got a good workout from it and it definitely raised my heart rate, but it wasn't really a traditional style kickboxing class --- it was more aerobic/cardio than kickboxing.  I'm glad I tried it though.  I'm trying to stay positive this week, because I still haven't lost any more pounds and this week my measurements didn't change (not that I expected it to change much).  I worked out hard this week - every day except Thursday and I was really good about what I was eating.  SO, I am a little frustrated that the lbs didn't come down at all.  I am not going to quit though --- I just have to figure out how to get past this issue.  Easter is on Sunday, so from a food standpoint, I'm going to try to be good ---- we are hosting brunch at our house, so I am working on the menu so that there are healthy choices along with the loaded cheesey hashbrowns, muffins and cake. 

My plan for next week is to post weekly goals on Monday.  We are starting a challenge at work to track exercise minutes and/or steps walked, I'm excited for the challenge, I think this will be another great way to stay accountable.  I worked out Mon, Tues, Wed and Friday so far this week ---- and I am planning to go tomorrow morning - which will get me to my 5x goal for the week.  I'm proud of myself for that accomplishment.  Here's hoping next week I'll have some better stats to report.

Weekly Stats (no change from last week-BOO!):
  • Bust:    36.75 in
  • Waist:  32.5 in
  • Hips/Butt:  43.5 in
  • Thighs:  25.5 in
  • Weight Loss = 0 lbs
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

C25K - Week 2 Complete

I finished week 2 today.  I ran longer than the program really has you run.  I started the intervals during the warmup time and kept on going thru the cool down period too.  I wanted to get to that 3.0 mile mark!  I know it isn't a huge difference, but I AM EXCITED that I've been able to shave a 4 minutes off of my time - to get to the 3.0 mile mark!  My goal is to get to that 3.0 mile mark in 30 minutes by the end of this program and to run a 5K at some point this spring.  I was thinking about running in the Race for the Cure - I really love that event, but ever since it moved to the Mall of America, there are just SOOOOO many people there, that I feel a bit overwhelmed by it.  So, I'm going to try to find a smaller event for my first 5k.

C25K- Week 2 Day 3

Monday, March 25, 2013

Say Cheese!

5 weeks until vacation - so I have decided to try a modified version of "clean eating".  I don't think I can go cold turkey of 100% clean for 5 weeks, but I'm going to try to cut out some of the things I over indulge CHEESE.  In hindsight, I probably should have given it up for lent, talk about a sacrifice! 

After spending the weekend with my kiddos, sans hubby....I realized we eat A LOT of cheese in our house.  The girls aren't big "cheese" breakfast eaters....they are mostly sweet eaters for breakfast, cereal, waffles, pancakes, etc.  I think we may need to come up with a few more "on the go-quick meal ideas" for the girls that don't include cheese - YIKES!!  Here is just a sampling of the "cheesy meals" the girls had while Ryan was gone:
  • Friday Dinner:  Cheese Quesadillas
  • Saturday Lunch:  McDonald's (special treat for them) - Isabelle had a cheeseburger / Lauren had chicken nuggets - they both gobbled up the apple slices and they ate about 10 french fries total between them (WHAT? That is the BEST Part - so of course I ate about 1/2 of them, thank you very much) 
  • Saturday Dinner:  This one didn't have any cheese, it was "breakfast dinner" and they both had French Toast Sticks
  • Sunday Lunch:  Pepperoni Pizza at Target
  • Sunday Dinner:  Macaroni & Cheese w/ 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich. 
Now, I didn't eat most of that insanity.........dinners all 3 nights for me were Isalean Shakes instead.  I did eat with the girls at McDonald's:  I had a Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad (it did have some shredded cheese on it and I only used 1/2 the dressing) and -see above - about 1/2 of their fries.

Ok, enough of that, back to the topic at hand:  No Cheese.  Here is my Monday lunch:  Salad with mixed greens, grilled chicken, black beans, chopped peppers, 1 tbsp ranch (I know, I know - but cut me some slack, it's baby steps here) and 2 tbsp salsa.  Did you notice, NO CHEESE!  It was REALLY hard to skip that!  I did buy some Bolthouse Farms Salsa Ranch salad dressing, but I forgot it at home....I think I need to bring it to work for my salads!   

Happy No Cheese Monday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Check-In

TGIF baby!  To celebrate, I stopped to get myself a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbucks.  YUM.  It is also March Madness time - and although I don't have a weigh-in picture to share, I think I'll add this fantastic shot of my little lowskie (Lauren) in her Gopher Getup - The Minnesota Gophers made it to the tourney and I'm hoping I can keep myself awake during the game tonight!!! My hubby is in Vegas for March Madness and I don't sleep very well when he is gone --- which means that I'll probably end up "napping" on the couch by 9pm when the game starts - so that I can be wide awake instead at 2am, when my daughter gets up to go to the bathroom - FUN!

Go Gophers - isn't she cute?!?!?

I think at some point I'm going to toss my scale out of the window.  To say I'm obsessed with weighing myself is probably very true.  I do weigh myself every damn day - and I try NOT to let it set my mood for the day, but sometimes when that horrible thing doesn't go down (or god forbid) goes up - it pushes me right over the edge.  BUT, this is why I am now measuring each week too.  And, although that bitch scale didn't go down this week; my measurements did move a bit.  I also noticed that my clothes are fitting a bit better.  So, I call that a win (besides, I didn't drink nearly enough water yesterday).  No workout this morning - but I am planning to workout tonight and tomorrow which will get me to the 5x for the week - YAY!.

Here's to the weekend - and girl time with my two princesses (while daddy is drinking and gambling in Vegas).  Here are my weekly results:      
  • Bust:    36.75 in
  • Waist:  32.5 in
  • Hips/Butt:  43.5 in
  • Thighs:  25.5 in
  • Weight Loss = 0 lbs
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Work Out Wednesday

I realized I just published my "recipe" post ---- but I wanted to start tracking my workouts mid-week; so I have a good plan for the rest of the week to make sure I can hit my goal of working out at least 5x each week.  Unless I haven't worked out at all by Wednesday (gahhhh) in which case, 5x isn't going to even be possible with 2-a-day workouts.....but let's not even go there.

I haven't worked out yet today - but my goal/plan is to go to the gym after work with my sister to do a body pump class.  I love, love, love body pump - but it has been at least 6 months since I've been to a class.  I have been strength training though, in my quest back to the gym.  I've combined my C25K treadmill runs with my strength training.  This will get me to 3x at the gym this week --- 2 left for 3 days.  Easy-peasy, right?  I will get a workout in, although, it may be end up being a Ripped or Shred in 30 DVD, as my hubby is leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas (boo) = March Madness.  I'm quite jealous of that little trip right now, because today is March 20th --- the official First Day of Spring, and it was a blustery 8 degrees this AM with a -5 degree windchill; yup NEGATIVE 5.  I'm officially over Minnesota Winter!  5-1/2 weeks until Cancun vacation.....but, who's counting??

Back to the workout program:  week 1 of the C25K is complete.  I started over with the program; I was using the program over the summer and I made it all the way through week 7..........but then, I stopped running outside when it got cold and I stopped going to the gym when I had surgery in the fall (mind you it was hand surgery - not surgery on my legs or feet - but when I was given an "excuse" not to be able to lift anything heavy (i.e. weights or anything over 5lbs) with my hand or to even work-out for 2 weeks while I was recovering AND it is really cold outside, sadly, I took it!)   My goal is to get to the 3.1 miles (5k) during these first few weeks, even though the C25K program stops after 30-31 minutes.  I keep going at the same interval of jogging/walking until I'm close to 3.1 miles. It is taking me about 45-46 minutes now to get to 3.0 miles.  It is baby steps....but I am seeing progress.  I like to take pictures of the treadmill when I'm done - it is nice to have the visual recognition for myself:

Week 1 - Day 1
Week 2 - Day 1
But, back to the gym I am now.  Its a love-hate relationship.  I love how I feel when I'm done working out - and I love that even after only 1 week back, my pants fit a little better..........but I hate when that darn alarm clock goes off at 4:30 AM!  

Yum, Dessert Shakes

I am constantly experimenting with shake recipes to keep things interesting - plain old vanilla and/or chocolate shakes are a bit boring.  I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, so I have tried a few new recipes that are delicious and the perfect choice when my kids want to have ice cream.  This keeps my treat cravings in check.  These recipes are just like having dessert for breakfast - what's not to love!!  YUM!!

Vanilla Oatmeal Cookie
2 scoops Creamy French Vanilla Isalean Shake Mix
1/2 Isagenix Slimcake (optional)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
8oz cold water
5-6 ice cubes
*You can substitute the slimcake, by using 2 tbsp old fashion oats (dry oatmeal) and a tbsp of dried cranberries. 


1 1/2 scoops Creamy French Vanilla Isalean Shake Mix
1/2 scoop Creamy Dutch Chocolate Isalean Shake Mix (or 2 scoops of vanilla)
6 almonds (I sometimes use the Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds)
1/8 tsp almond extract
8 oz cold water
5-6 ice cubes

Thin Mint Cookie
2 scoops Creamy Dutch Chocolate Isalean Shake Mix
1/2 scoop Isagreens (optional)
2 tbsp. old fashioned oats (dry oatmeal)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp mint extract
8oz cold water
5-6 ice cubes
* I had this recipe published on the Isagenix Website here:  Shakes for Maintenance

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday (Saturday) Stats

I didn't have a chance to post this yesterday, too busy at home with my girls; getting ready for Isabelle's 7th birthday party (today).  We spent the morning at the Indoor Playroom where we met up with some friends and the girls had a great time running off a ton of energy (it snowed again yesterday, so I think they are going a bit stir crazy not being able to run and play outside). 

We came back home for a little lunch and then Auntie & Gabby came over to help us make some party favors.  We took marshmallows and dipped them in candy coating, and then topped them with a tootsie roll --- they turned out so cute!!!


Once that was done, we went to pick daddy up from work and went downtown to the Children's Museum.  It was the girls first time there (we were slackers and never took the girls there when they were toddlers) - Isabelle was probably just on the edge of being too old to have a lot of fun there, although she did enjoy the art studio.  It was past dinner time when we left, so we stopped at Granite City for dinner with the girls.  It was a really fun pre-birthday day!

I worked out 3 mornings this week, and I'm off to the gym in a bit this up, stat tracking- here are my weekly results:      
  • Bust:    37 in
  • Waist:  32 3/4 in
  • Hips/Butt:  44 in
  • Thighs:  25 3/4 in
  • Weight Loss = 1.5lbs
Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 11, 2013

No Bake Energy Pops

I love cake pops, brownie pops, and just about anything that that is a yummy bite size "pop" of deliciousness.  So, while I browse around pinterest on a daily basis, I always see posts for no-bake energy bites, and today I decided to try to create a recipe based on the ones I've seen around.

I don't love coconut and my kids and hubby for sure won't eat anything with coconut in it, so I adapted slightly the recipe I found here:  Gimmesomeoven

1 1/2 cups old fashioned oats (dry oatmeal)
3/4 cup natural peanut butter
1/2 cup ground flaxseed meal
2/3 cup mini chocolate chips
1/3 cup honey
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix all ingredients together until well blended and then chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
Once chilled, roll the mixture into balls/pops (about 1 inch in diameter).  Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Makes about 24 pops.

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Friday

Well, it has been a LONG week for me.  I had 2 gynocologist appointments this week - I won't get into the gorry awful details, but that point alone has made this a traumatic week for me.  First of all, I had to weigh in at the doctor Monday morning and as I said in an earlier post, I was already not happy that I currently weigh 15lbs more than at this time last year.  But, then I had to get poked and prodded all morning on Monday and then again yesterday afternoon.  Needless to say, I haven't felt the greatest all week - so I wasn't really able to work out at all.  I'm so happy it is FRIDAY!  And, this was the perfect way to start out my Friday & the weekend......YUM!  Nothing like a FREE Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte to start out the morning.  I love my Starbucks Rewards!

And, since I started this blog on Friday, March 1st - I have decided that Friday will be my weekly check in for my stats.  I'm hoping I will start feeling better soon, so my goal is to work out both Sat & Sun and maybe by next week that total weight loss number will be bigger than ZERO!

Friday Stats (nothing like writing it down to motivate you through the weekend) -
  • Bust:    37 in
  • Waist:  33 in
  • Hips/Butt:  45 in
  • Left Thigh: 26 in
  • Right Thigh:  26 in
  • Weight Loss = 0lbs

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pinterest Intervention

OK, like many other people out there, Pinterest is one of my obsessions!!! I just cannot get enough of the site; I think I may need an intervention.  But, I love it - I have found so many amazing posts, pictures, recipes and just all around things on that site, I could spend an entire day on the site, if I had that much time.  As it is, I probably spend more time on there than I should.....but, for now, that is ok.  I love to look at all of the recipes, and here are a few of my favorites desserts:
Basically my rule of thumb with any recipe I find online or in a cookbook - is that the first time I always follow the recipe exactly the way that it says too, and then the 2nd time I make it my own way.  I've tried a few of the recipes that I've pinned --- so successful and some not so much --- so as soon as I can, I will add some new recipes that I've adapted and made my own!

A few of my favorite other dinner recipes are here:
  • Quinoa and Black Bean Peppers that I pinned from Joy Bauer's website.  I didn't have any quinoa (I've never actually bought it, but I did have a package of Archer Farms Whole Grain Medley mix that I used in its place) they were really yummy.
  • Baked Parmesean Chicken - I ended up only using 4 chicken breasts, but didn't adjust the mix to go on top of the chicken, so there was a bit more "sauce" than yummy parm browned on top --- but it was still really yummy, next time I'll cut back on the mayo --- my hubby who cannot stand mayo, didn't even realize that is what I used.  The chicken was really moist and yummy!
  • Buffalo Chicken rolls - these were so yummy too; from Can you stay for dinner.  Her site is also so inspirational, she has lost over 100 pounds and she has a lot of great recipes.
So, now it's time to get back to pinterest - to see what other fun recipes and inspirations I can find, Happy Pinning!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cleanse Benefits

Cleansing provide one of the best ways to jump start your weight loss and improve overall health.  We are exposed to toxins every day in normal life and cleansing your body of those toxins facilitates better health and weight loss.  I love the way my body feels once I've completed back-to-back cleanse days!  I won't tell you that they are EASY - they ARE NOT.  But, the benefits and results from the cleanse days are fantastic!  My body feels so healthy and re-energized.  Tomorrow is my cleanse day - I am only doing 1 cleanse day this week because the last two times I've tried a cleanse day I have ended up with migraines.  Considering I get pretty frequent headaches & migraines, I've never quite known if it was a side effect cleansing the toxins or if it was just a typical migraine.

You can find more information on this fantastic product here Cleanse for Life

This cleansing process aids in the removal of contaminents that have collected in the body over time and enables quick weight loss.  Cleanse for Life is an amazing product that actually replenishes your body with over 27 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and botanicals while it cleanses your body naturally.  Cleanse for life nourishes the liver and promotes entire body cellular cleansing.

On typical cleanse days you will want to make sure that you up your daily water intake (this will help with any kind of headache).  Drinking enough water everyday is important, but on cleanse days it is crucial.  Water will help your body flush out the toxins. You can also have herbal tea on cleanse days - although this does NOT count toward you water intake - make sure you are still drinking enough water.  Snacks are also critical on the cleanse days to make sure you keep your metabolism going.  You should have between 6-8 Isagenix Snacks throughout the day.  You can also mix in a few other snack choices on cleanse days including:  unsalted almonds, celery, cucumbers or a few slices of apple.  IsaDelights are another good option (and so delicious).  Who doesn't love chocolate?  And on a cleanse day it is even better!

Here's to happy cleansing!

Protein Shake Recipes

I am constantly experimenting with shake flavors --- when you drink them twice a day almost every day ---- it is important to mix things up, so you don't get bored with flavor of just plain vanilla or chocolate.  I almost always make my shakes in my Isablender (similar to a Magic Bullet).  I about 4oz of cold water to the blender first in the bottom, then I add any other ingredients (like peanut butter, banana chunks or other frozen fruits), next I add the shake mix and I top it off with a mixture of 4oz of water and about 5 or 6 ice cubes.  The Isagenix Isalean Shakes have active enzymes in them - so you need to drink the shake within about 10 minutes of mixing the protein powder with water.

Here are some of my favorite recipes:
Note:  I like to use 1 scoop of vanilla and 1 scoop of chocolate in my shakes --- but you can always just use 2 scoops of a single flavor if you prefer.  My recipes all state Isalean Shake Mix, but feel free to use whatever protein mix you have.  If you are interested in Isagenix, you can check out the products here:  Isagenix Isalean Shakes 

Peanutty Banana
1 scoop Creamy Dutch Chocolate Isalean Shake Mix
1 scoop Creamy French Vanilla Isalean Shake Mix
8oz cold water
5-6 ice cubes
1 chunk (about 1/8) of a frozen banana
1 Tbsp Natural (Organic) Peanut Butter (or Almond Butter)

Strawberry Banana
1 scoop Creamy French Vanilla Isalean Shake Mix
1 scoop Creamy Dutch Chocolate Isalean Shake Mix
1 scoop Isafruits (optional)
8oz cold water
5-6 ice cubes
1 chunk (about 1/8) of a frozen banana
5-6 frozen strawberries

Chocolate Mint
2 scoops Creamy Dutch Chocolate Isalean Shake Mix
8oz cold water
5-6 icecubes
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp mint extract
Isadelight Plus Chocolate crushed (optional)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Fresh Start

I think I've "started over" about a thousand times in my life to lose weight.  I think I have finally decided though, that it isn't about trying to lose weight for a specific reason (although, to be completely honest, I really do want to fit into my "summer" clothes for vacation at the end of April).  But, that instead, it is about trying to be healthy every day.  Yesterday was March 1st which I decided was as good a day as any to start this new journey.  March 1st was a Friday not a Monday (which is when most "starts" begin), but I decided why not start on a Friday, maybe this can be my new breakthrough and my new beginning.

I've been stalking following Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg for awhile now, they are very inspirational and I really enjoy reading their blogs.  Together they are starting a new cleanse on Monday.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I've been using Isagenix products for over 2 years now - so I think I'll start my 9-day Isagenix Cleanse when they start their cleanse next week.  Another reason that I have decided to recommit is that I have my annual physical on Monday - and when I looked back at my "vitals" from my visit last year I weighed 15 pounds less than I do now.  I was having success on the Isagenix program last year and I worked really hard to drop that 15 pounds......but then I slacked off on eating well and exercising and basically blew it - I gained all of the weight back and I'm now right back at the same weight I was when I started the program.  Every day when I put on my pants, I am reminded of how great it was last year when my pants were loose and almost to the point that I could buy a smaller size........I want to get back to that feeling.

I have a thousand execuses about why I gained the weight back, but instead of focusing on those.....I want to focus on my goals.  My goals are to eat healthier, to go to the gym at least 4x per week (cardio and weight training) and to run a 5K this summer.  I'm hoping that as a side-benefit to this focus I will in fact lose some lbs along the way (lets not kid ourselves that it isn't one of my true goals). 

So, this is my journey and it started yesterday.  I got up at 4:30am, crawled my way out of bed and busted it to the gym.  Day 1 complete.........only the rest of my life to go :)  Yesterday's program was C25K and some arm weight training.  I used the C25K program last year and made it all the way to week 6; but since it's been awhile since I've gone running jogging, I thought it was best to start over.  And last, to keep track of everything and to hold myself accountable, I started tracking on again, I really like that program, it is a really simple way to track my food and my exercise. 

Here is a picture that we had taken in November, this is my constant reminder of how tight my jeans are now when last year, they were loose.  I do "like" the picture, just not how tight my jeans are and large my butt is in it.