Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Check-In

TGIF baby!  To celebrate, I stopped to get myself a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbucks.  YUM.  It is also March Madness time - and although I don't have a weigh-in picture to share, I think I'll add this fantastic shot of my little lowskie (Lauren) in her Gopher Getup - The Minnesota Gophers made it to the tourney and I'm hoping I can keep myself awake during the game tonight!!! My hubby is in Vegas for March Madness and I don't sleep very well when he is gone --- which means that I'll probably end up "napping" on the couch by 9pm when the game starts - so that I can be wide awake instead at 2am, when my daughter gets up to go to the bathroom - FUN!

Go Gophers - isn't she cute?!?!?

I think at some point I'm going to toss my scale out of the window.  To say I'm obsessed with weighing myself is probably very true.  I do weigh myself every damn day - and I try NOT to let it set my mood for the day, but sometimes when that horrible thing doesn't go down (or god forbid) goes up - it pushes me right over the edge.  BUT, this is why I am now measuring each week too.  And, although that bitch scale didn't go down this week; my measurements did move a bit.  I also noticed that my clothes are fitting a bit better.  So, I call that a win (besides, I didn't drink nearly enough water yesterday).  No workout this morning - but I am planning to workout tonight and tomorrow which will get me to the 5x for the week - YAY!.

Here's to the weekend - and girl time with my two princesses (while daddy is drinking and gambling in Vegas).  Here are my weekly results:      
  • Bust:    36.75 in
  • Waist:  32.5 in
  • Hips/Butt:  43.5 in
  • Thighs:  25.5 in
  • Weight Loss = 0 lbs
Have a great weekend!

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