Friday, April 12, 2013

Frustration Friday

Frustration.  I am frustrated.  I am trying not to be and I know there have been some positive changes that have happened in the past few weeks like:  I know that I feel healthier, that I'm getting stronger, that I can run longer than I could 3 weeks ago, and that my clothes do feel better.  But, I'm still frustrated.  The numbers aren't moving.  I know, I know, it's muscle, right?  Who knows --- but the fact that my scale hasn't moved below my current weight for the past 3 weeks sucks.  The measurements have only very slightly changed at all. It is FRUSTRATING.  But, I'm trying to stay positive. 

I wasn't able to go to the gym on Tues or Wed because my kids were sick.  Last night I did my JM-Ripped in 30 video.  I did Week 1 and part of Week 2.  I didn't finish the entire week 2 circuit, because I just didn't have enough time to finish it before dinner and errands with my sister.  But, I did more than just the Week 1 program, so bonus!  I went to the gym this morning and did my Couch25k program - I went back to Week 3-Day 3.  I decided to try that one again before trying Week 4-Day 1 again (you can read about my fail here).  I don't really enjoy running - but I'm hoping at some point I will be able to run a mile.  Like I said, I'm trying to stay positive, I've been reading a ton of blogs every day and they help me stay motivated.  I was also inspired by Jess' post yesterday at Operation Skinny Jeans  (I have only been following her for a few weeks) but I kept thinking about her post when I was on the treadmill this morning and that kept me running when I wanted to stop and walk.  I am also going back to the gym tonight with my sister for a little Body Pump action - I'm hoping at some point, I'll be able to #flexbreak like Skinny Meg & Mama Laughlin

I have decided to make a doctor appointment to review the results of my latest thyroid tests and ultrasound.  My thyroid has been enlarged since 2009, and it has been checked and tested every year.....but the fact that I'm working out so hard, eating really well (and cleaner than before) has me questioning if something could be wrong with it, so I figured it cannot hurt to have the specialist review everything with me. 

I am going to try to stay motivated this weekend - and NOT down an entire bottle of Skinny Girl Sangria by myself to drown my sorrows of not dropping any LBs.  Happy Friday - here are the weekly stats:
  • Bust:    36.5 in (-0.25) 
  • Waist:  32.0 in (-0.50)
  • Hips/Butt:  43.5 in (0.0 - no change)
  • Thighs:  25.25 in (-0.25)
  • Total Inches Lost = 1.00
  • Weight Loss = 0 lbs

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