Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Monday

Girls night out on Saturday was so fun!  We had such a great time at dinner and out for drinks after.  We basically went boutique hotel hopping!!  We started at dinner at Cosmos, at The Graves Hotel - we were in our own private room, Housewives Style - our waiter/server was Mat, one T.  He was hilarious and had no issues putting up with a group of 6 crazy ladies!  After our 2 hour dinner extravaganza, we headed over to The W to have more drinks and people watch ---- if we had been drinking more, there would have been dancing; but none of us were drunk enough!  By our last stop, there were just the 3 of us left, me, Michelle and Carrie.  We had drinks in our hotel - The Ivy to end the night.  It was so much fun - I love these ladies!

We woke up Sunday morning and headed to Keys Cafe for a delicious breakfast.  Sunday was my "day off" from the gym (although, I felt guilty all day that I didn't go --- I've gone almost every day since last Sunday, so it was probably better to let my body rest after the food & drinking weekend!)  And, I busted up out of bed (after "snoozing" for a few minutes this AM) at 4:40 to bust it to the gym in the POURING RAIN!  Of course I tortured myself by stepping on the scale, huge mistake.

I started C5K, week 4 today.  Epic FAIL!  I'm not sure if I was tired or that my body was just paying me back for the rich food and wine from the weekend, but I couldn't run for the 5 minute intervals.  I typically run/jog & walk my intervals for 45 minutes ---- but I just couldn't do that this morning either.  I walked/jogged/ran for 32 minutes --- and then did another 13 minutes on the elliptical instead and I will be back at the gym after work with my sister for a body pump class.  I want to get through this week 4 program!  I will try again tomorrow with Day 1 again; hopefully I can get through the 5 minute intervals ---- because I know the 8 minute ones are next!

I'm done with this terrible weather here in Minnesota too ---- rain today ---- and rain mixed with snow for the next 2 days.  Gross!  It is spring, so I can accept the rain, but snow - NO!  Enough already.  Bring on the sunshine!  On a good note - 19 days until Cancun!!  Happy Monday!

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