Friday, April 5, 2013

This is a Journey

I know it will take time, there is not a magic pill or immediate change that happens with starting to work out and eating better..........but when the scale just bounces back and forth:  down 2 lbs, back up 2 lbs, it gets very frustrating.  I've been experiencing this now for the past 3 weeks.  I started working out regularly then (at least 5x a week).  I'm doing cardio and strength training.  I've been using the treadmill - Couch25K (walking/running-jogging intervals) or some other cardio class at the gym and then mixing in either a BodyPump class or free weights/weight machines..........and I've been working really hard!  I've also been tracking my calories.  I am also a scale junkie - I weigh myself every morning.  And, that 2 down/2 up show is frustrating.  Today is my weigh-in/stats day.....and yet again today after all of this hard work:  NO CHANGE!!!  Again, for the 2nd week in a row.  GRRRRR.  I was at the doctor yesterday and she didn't really have any advice.  I got the standard:  maybe just stop weighing yourself for awhile; you know that muscle weighs more than fat; take your measurements instead (check) and are your clothes fitting better?  Same old.  I've heard all of these things before, hell, I've told my sister these things before......but, it doesn't help.  When that dang scale doesn't move's irritating!

I did something earlier this week that I never thought I would do:  I emailed someone for motivation.  I emailed SkinnyMeg.  I knew that she understood this journey, because she has been on it.  I asked her how she stayed motivated when this happened to her in the past.  I was really just hoping that she would get back to me at some point with a response.  I couldn't believe it when less than 10 minutes later I had already received an email back.  It was so nice of her to take time and respond to me so quickly.  It really did help me that day to stay motivated and not give up.  I'm sure she gets tons of emails and questions from her blog; so I just wanted to thank her again.  She had some great ideas and suggestions, that I am going to try.  One suggestion was to eat more earlier in the day and less at night.  I'm going to work on that one.  The second is to try to cycle my calories:  High Calories one day, Low Calories the next a way to keep my body guessing.  I've started that one, and I love MFP to keep track of all of it. 

C25k - Week 3/Day 3
 Happy Friday to you - and here is hoping that making a few of these changes will finally bust that scale number down!

Weekly Stats (no change - 2nd week in a row):
  • Bust:    36.75 in
  • Waist:  32.5 in
  • Hips/Butt:  43.5 in
  • Thighs:  25.5 in
  • Weight Loss = 0 lbs
I have big plans this weekend!  I'm going to the gym tonight with my sister to rock out a BodyPump class - and then possibly a Spin class- Yikes!  Tomorrow morning I'll be back to get my workout #6 in for the week and then off to get my hair cut & colored!!!!  And I'm so pumped, my friend Michelle is going to be here this weekend!!  Tomorrow night we are staying at the Hotel Ivy with our other friend, Carrie and having girls night out.  Dinner and drinks and dancing maybe!  Recap and pictures to come next week.  I can't wait for the fun!  Have a great weekend!

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