Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It is so nice when you get an unexpected compliment!  I've worked with a someone for over 2 years now in my current role, and today the subject came up about where I grew up.  It turns out that her ex-husband went to the same high school that I did --- so she asked me what year I graduated.  I responded '88, she looked at me like I had 2 heads and then said, "What?  as in 1988??  That is impossible".  I responded, "yup, I'm 43".  She started laughing and told me that she was positive that I was either exactly the same age as her or probably 1-2 years younger than she was.  She is 37.  

I also got carded at both restaurants when we went out to dinner at this weekend.  It is pretty funny, and I typically mention that I'm twice the legal drinking age (I won't lie and say I think I look remotely like I'm 21, but it is pretty funny to still get carded every once in awhile).  I would much rather get carded, then called "ma'am" like I'm ancient!  I don't like being called "ma'am" - I feel like my mother when that happens.  I would much prefer being called "miss".  

I owe it all to my parents though, I was blessed with good genes.  My mom and her sister's all look young for their age.  I look at them all and hope that I am as fortunate too look as young as they do when I'm in my 60's and 70's.

It is amazing how a simple compliment can just brighten your entire day.  It made me realize how simple it is to just say something nice to someone to make their day a little better too!  I think it may help that the sun is shining today, and it may hit 90 degrees - Bring it On!

Happy Tuesday!

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