Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally Friday

I have been a total slacker this week with posts.  I just haven't been motivated, which I know is terrible.  I was sick all of last weekend and I just haven't totally kicked this bug yet.  I've been eating horrible and have been working out even less.  But, that is what this blog is for, right?!  Right, to keep me accountable.  And I am going to get back on track.

Goals for next week: 
1)  Workout 5 times
2)  Track my food on MFP - haven't been there in awhile
3)  Spend time running and playing outside with my girls!  I think the weather is going to cooperate with us on that one - bonus!
4)  Prep food for next week
5)  Plan out some blog ideas
6)  Try out the "skinny cupcake" recipe

It was pretty nice here for part of this week.  My oldest has her track & field days next week and she has to run a mile for one of the events.  A mile, in first grade.  I think that is crazy!  So, on Tuesday after work, it was gorgeous outside - and I was going to jog/run outside.........I decided she should go with me.  My hubby took our youngest to the park and I told Belle she could ride her bike to the park and then we could run from there.  Compromise.  We took off from the park and she was sprinting.....I kept telling her to slow down, but she is 7 - she didn't care.  At about 0.5 miles, she said her tummy hurt and she wanted to stop.  We walked for a bit and I asked if it was really her tummy or more on the side, I was thinking she definitely had a side ache from sprinting.  She told me that she didn't like running (no kidding, me either!)....but we continued to run/sprint/walk and we made it almost 1.0 mile.  The weather didn't really cooperate the rest of the week for us to run again --- but I'm hoping we can try at least 2 more times before the event at school.  I even went out and got her new shoes - since she was running in sketchers on Tuesday.  

Oh, and speaking of the shoes I got them at Target (duh, where else?) and I used this cool new feature - Cartwheel (app?  it isn't an app yet, I'm guessing that is coming) to get a discount from the website.  You can get discounts on all sorts of items from Target.  Bonus, you can use the discount and a coupon off the website.  It was awesome - I love Cartwheel!  I can't wait to use it for groceries this weekend.  Check it out here!!

On to the accountability - the stats (no measurements this week - I couldn't face it this morning):

  • Weight Loss (GAIN) = +1.6 lbs 

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