Monday, May 6, 2013

Vacation is over

It is Monday, and I'm back to reality home from vacation.  We actually got home on Wednesday last week; but I somehow managed to get both an ear infection and a sinus infection on the last day of vacation.  Let's just say that the plane ride home (stopping in Atlanta first) was NOT ideal.  Descending from 10,000 feet with an ear infection is maybe some of the worst pain I've ever felt (aside from child birth - the first time before I was given drugs and ended up having a C-section.  The 2nd time was another C-section, so no real birthing pains).

I managed to work out 3 of the 5 days (pretty good, since I didn't work out the day we got there - I already had to get up at 4am to get to the dang airport --- or the day we left since I was getting sick).  The view was amazing from the gym there.........I looked out at the ocean and ran/jogged & walked on the treadmill.  I could look at that view EVERYDAY!  We ate and drank round the clock, so even with working out I did manage to gain a few (3) pounds.  I am down 2 of them as of this morning - here is hoping I can drop one more by Friday - and be back to where I was before we left!  

My view from the gym on vacation - I could work out everyday to this view!!

Since I've been sick since returning home, I have NOT worked out.  I was trying to stop over eating too - that darn all-inclusive eating extravaganza!  I would guess the -2lbs was from not consuming any alcohol for the last 4 days after 5 days straight of wine, mimosas, and many other frozen fruity wonders!  I haven't been drinking enough water since getting back either - I'm sure my illness has something to do with that, but today I've managed to drink about 1/2 of my daily goal.  And, I'm sure I'll make it up this evening with a trip to the gym.  I am going to go early to the gym to walk/jog/run on the treadmill before body pump class.

Oh, and it is FINALLY nice here in Minnesota!  Yesterday we turned a corner and it was +60 degrees.  Today is fantastic as well - it is back over 70 degrees.  I hope this is the turning point, and there is NO going back to the 30's and snow - after all, it is MAY!!!!!  Happy Monday!

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