Thursday, June 6, 2013


I started the couch to 5k app last year - I made it to about week 5 and then I quit.  I don't really like running (yet??? I'm hoping that eventually I like it at least a little more).  I started using the app again a few months ago on and off....and I'm back to week 5.  I am also running in a 5k (my first) at the end of July - so I decided I better kick it into gear, so I don't embarrass myself running with my friends.  Well, in all of this on-and-off running, I've never run a full mile non-stop.....until today.  I finally did it.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to get to this point, but I'm really proud of myself!  It wasn't a fast mile - but, it was my first and I was so happy that I didn't stop once.  In fact, because I'm running in this 5k next month, I kept on running (and some walking) until I completed 3 miles.  I logged those 3 miles in 41 minutes.  Not fast, but I'll take it.  My second mile was actually my "best" at 13 minutes and 35 seconds.  My goal for my 5k time in July is 35 minutes.  I'm hoping that I can keep on running and shave those 6 minutes off of my current time ---- and quite honestly I would LOVE if I could run the entire thing without stopping (which should probably really be my first goal).

I have also started (re-started, whatever) a 30-day challenge.  2 shakes per day plus one 400-600 calorie meal, 2-3 snacks and lots and LOTS of water each day, I'm going to do a cleanse on Sunday - and then depending on how that goes, I'll be trying a back-to-back Sunday/Monday cleanse days next week.  Fingers crossed!

I took pictures of myself today - so I have something to compare it to in 30-days.  It wasn't pretty.  I took the pictures right before I ran (guessing that was my own subconscious pushing me to complete the 3 miles). I'll post the pictures in 30-days, with hopefully some telling results. 

My weigh-in day is coming up tomorrow - and my goal for next week is to link up with Skinny Meg for Workout Wednesday.  

Here are my results from my first official 3-mile (almost 5k) run.

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