Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shoe Shopping

I love SHOES!  I will clarify a bit.....I love HIGH HEEL shoes.  Like, very tall, high heeled, platform, as high as I can possibly wear and still walk in (sometimes comfortably, sometimes not so much) SHOES!  I am only 5 ft, 3in tall so I am always in high-heel shoes.  I have been wearing high-heeled shoes for as long as I can remember.  Once my mom bought me my first pair of pumps I was hooked on heels.  Many of my wo-workers and friends are always shocked when I wear flat shoes and stand by them (now, this only happens only into/out of work - so I don't ruin my shoes).  People notice when you are always in 3-4 inch heels, if you suddenly switch to flats.  I even wore heels all through my pregnancies - although toward the end of both pregnancies I was in shorter 2-inch heels.  I am just not comfortable in flats.  Most flat shoes actually hurt my feet.

But, now I have a dilemma.  Next week I'm going on a trip for work which will require that I wear closed-toe and flat shoes to walk around distribution center/buildings for 3 days.  I have no idea how to shop for flats.  I have tried on flats in the past, but I have never been excited to buy any.  My only real "flat" shoes are flip-flops and tennis shoes, neither are appropriate for this work trip.  So, a shoe shopping adventure awaits.........

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on these shoes (because I will likely only wear them for three days next week and then maybe not ever again) I decided to check out the flats at Target.  I tried on about 6 pair of flats.  Most of them were not very comfortable - keeping in mind that I will be walking and standing for a lot of the time those 3 days.

I ended up with these shoes:

They were only $24.99 - and more comfortable than some of the lower priced shoes.  I did decide to go up 1/2 a size and I also bought some pads for the back of shoe/heel to help prevent blisters.  I'm going to try to wear them around the house at home the next few days and this weekend to help break them in before the trip on Monday.  I'll report back after my trip to see how the flat shoe adventure goes.

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