Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence

Hello --- I have never actually done one of these before....I've read lots and lots of them...but today, I finally took the plunge.  Here is to more link-ups.


If I had one extra hour in the day..........I would use it to work out, seriously.  Then I could still sleep as long as I wanted to without dreading getting up at 4:35 am!

I wish my name was.....I like my name now, but when I was growing up, I hated it.  People always called me Justin - instead of Justine (see the E).  Even when looking directly at me - and I don't think I ever looked like a boy?  WTH?!?  As a matter of fact, the Deacon who married me & my hubby called me Justin.  We had been meeting with a different Deacon at our church....but at the last minute, found out he wasn't going to be available to perform our we met Deacon #2 the day of the wedding.  And as we were starting he says:  "We are here to celebrate this wonderful day with Ryan & Justin".  I mean, really?!?!?  Did he think I was Ryan?  That is one of the many things I will never forget about our wedding day!  Oh, and I have a killer last name now.  Growing up, it was Smith, now it is Rockers.  I definitely upgraded.

I think anything chevron is....adorable.  I have 2 girls.  I love everything pink, purple and patterned. This is my awesome phone case!  Although, didn't it used to be called Zig-Zag?!?!

My last nightmare......someone was breaking into our house in the middle of the night, but my hubby (who wakes up to almost every noise) was sound asleep ---- so I had to get up and try to scare the person away. Um, right - that would never happen.  I sleep with a hall light on and the phone next to me whenever my hubby is gone.

Sometimes.....I would like to have another baby, but then I wake up and realize, I'm over 40 and my girls are no longer in diapers, sleeping through the night and able to keep themselves occupied now.

My last meal on earth would be.....A ribeye steak and ahi tuna or sea bass from Manny's....with a few extra dirty martini's and the giant brownie (scroll until you see this amazing photo) for dessert.

I would much rather......bake something delicious and bad for me to eat - than workout or go running.  I hate running.....although, I'm trying to hate it less. the best condiment ever.  It goes with everything......sandwiches, burgers and french fries! Oh, and it should be Mayo - not Miracle Whip.  Mayo is the real deal!

10 years ago.......I didn't think I would be married to the love of my life with 2 amazing little girls or living in the suburbs, my how quickly time flies!

Selfishly.....My hubby & I go to Vegas every single year (at least once).  We also go on a vacation without our girls every other year (now that they are old enough to understand what vacation is).  I wouldn't change anything about it.  We are fortunate enough to have awesome family who stay with our girls when we are gone....and I think it makes them both more well rounded.

My favorite show on TV right now is......So You Think You Can Dance.  My husband hates it.  It is set on my DVR to record so that I never have to miss it.  He retreats to the basement to watch baseball or sports center whenever I turn it on!

And, George Zimmerman.....will spend the rest of his life living with what happened.

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