Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31st, Really?

This summer has just flown by.  I cannot believe today is July 31st and we move into August.  The weather here definitely feels more like September than July though.....I'm still really wishing it was about 95 degrees (hot and sunny).  Although, I will admit that it has been nice sleeping with the windows open overnight and having some fresh air in the house!

I have been a bit of a slacker the past week.....all around.  Since starting my slow-carb diet, I haven't had a ton of energy for getting up early or working out.  I was last at the gym on Monday 7/22....UM, almost 10 days ago.  Terrible.  I received an email reminder from friends about our upcoming race on Sept 19th - so it is definitely time to kick it into high gear.........I really don't want to walk that first 5k race!  7 weeks and counting - time to lace up the shoes and hit the road again!  I'm sure it will be a bit of a struggle at first since I don't even recall my last real run.  Since the weather isn't 95+ degrees least running outside should be nice.

The hubby and I had a nice weekend with the girls - and we spent Sunday evening on a dinner cruise on The Mississippi River and stayed overnight at Treasure Island casino in MN.  We won free tickets to the dinner cruise and a free hotel stay --- so at least that part of it was free!  Neither of us walked away big winners from the gambling.  Oh well, it was nice to have an evening away.

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  1. Hey girl! We were partnered for this months Hello Box! Excited to get to know you :)