Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

Today is a link-up post for me.  This is only the 2nd time I've done a link up, but I like the idea about the 5 on Friday - just to blog about any 5 things.  Ready, set, GO!

My team at work had an amazing breakfast out meeting today.  Now, typically our monthly Friday breakfast consists of our team meeting and going to our cafe.  But, today, we changed it up and actually went out to a great breakfast place by our offices.  YUM.  I love breakfast out, although that did mean that I didn't stop for my Friday Starbucks Latte.  I'll have to go get it tomorrow instead.  Breakfast was delicious, but I missed my latte treat!!

I lost 2 pounds this week.  That brings my total now to 6lbs since starting my "slow carb" diet changes on July 21st.  I'm just wrapping up week #3.  I'm hoping to drop at least 10 more pounds by my Vegas trip in Sept.  It hasn't been as difficult as I thought it might be......the hardest part for me is at night after my kids go to bed, when my hubby usually busts out the ice cream.  It has been tough not having a treat with him; but I've still managed to do pretty well.

I finally worked out again yesterday.  I went to the gym on Monday so I thought I was going to be motivated to go all week.........but then life, work and a migraine got in the way.  I should have worked out this morning before work/giant breakfast.....but I didn't set my alarm (or get my gym bag ready last night).  My hubby was supposed to have softball bating practice tonight - but that was canceled, so I will either run or go to the gym tonight.  Yesterday I did Day #22 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge it was a good strength training circuit.  I'll be repeating that tomorrow (and Sunday).

Next weekend we are headed "up north" to Park Rapids, MN for a family reunion with my hubby's family.  I'm hoping that the weather is sunny and warm enough that the girls can play around outside and actually go swimming in the lake (although, I'm sure the lake is still cold).  We are staying at one of the hotels in Park Rapids, and my girls are really excited to sleep on the "magic" couch.  It is a hide-a-bed couch; which they thought was the coolest thing ever last year.  It should be a pretty fun weekend; I'm not looking forward to the 3-hour car ride.....but at least my hubby will drive instead of me.  I'll be sitting back reading something on my Kindle.  These are the latest books I've read (am finishing Revenge Wears Prada).  I may end up getting the next book in the Divergent series......

Any suggestions for the next good book to read????

I have no real "weekend" plans.  I'm actually pretty excited about that.  My hubby is in a softball tournament and plays in 2 games on Saturday.  I will likely bring my girls to the first game at 10am.....but after that I'm hoping that the weather cooperates and we can spend some time outside playing and enjoying the wonderful weather!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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