Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday, Friday, Friday

Happy Friday!!!!!  I'm beyond excited that it is HOT here again (I know, I know it's a little crazy) but I love the heat----I'm not sure why I live in Minnesota.  Oh yeah, because I also love all 4 seasons, watching the seasons change and while I'm not a HUGE fan of COLD (I mean, really cold like negative-below zero cold) I absolutely love it after it snows here and everything is covered in white lovely snowflakes.  AND, for the record, I'm not ready for snow yet - it can stay nice and hot and then pleasantly warm for a good long while, say like until December!

Anyway - I also love the Minnesota State Fair!  So this week's edition of 5 of Friday brings me to my love of people watching and eating (hello, cheat day!) many, many deep fried foods (and some foods on a stick).  

Cheese Curds.  This is ALWAYS our first stop at the fair! 

French Fries

Sweet Martha's Cookies

Mini Donuts - I MUST have these.  This is my favorite food at the fair.  I'm a simple girl.  Deep fried donuts in sugar.  Yes, please!

New food ---- this is always an interesting one for the fair - and besides people watching another reason to go to the fair.  Try out some new foods!  This year, I haven't really decided which new food to try --- there are too many good options.  So here are a couple I'm leaning toward:   Bacon Wrapped Shrimp on a stick notice above, most of our top food choices aren't really 'on a stick' weird.  But, this would only be for me since my hubby & kids don't like shrimp.  

OR:  Candied Bacon Cannoli.  Um, what?  Do you see a bacon theme?  

So, now that I'm super hungry from all of these amazing's time to get some work done, so I can leave early and head to the Great Minnesota Get Together!  

Happy Friday!


  1. I have never heard of cheese curds but I need them in my life now!

    1. Oh, Kasey - you have NO idea. They are amazing!! A true Minnesota or Wisconsin staple food at events and fairs.

  2. Whaaa....candied bacon canolis?? That sounds amazing.