Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So What Wednesday - Link Up

So What Wednesday
Today is another link up for me this week.....I'm on a roll, this is my 2nd one in a week.  I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" for So What Wednesday.  
So What If......
  • I am getting blisters from my new shoes..........they are WAY too cute not to keep wearing and suffer in pain silently.  I love my NEW Sassy SHOES!!

  • I slept in this morning, instead of getting up and working really just means I have to do it later instead.  
  • And then, I decided to watch part of Suits this morning before my shower, so my hair is in a ponytail for work.  It is seriously my fave show right now - and I was too tired to watch it last night.

  • I'm so not ready for summer to be over - and I'm REALLY hoping for some 90-degree days.....we haven't had one forever, and while it has been nice, I want a few more HOT days!!!!!
  • I just added more chicken, salsa and black beans to my pre-made salad; I brought the rest from home and was too lazy (and my blisters do really hurt) to walk over to our big cafe with a salad bar to make a simple salad.
Happy Wednesday!!!