Friday, September 27, 2013

Back To My Routine

I have been a horrible at posting the last week; I just haven't felt like writing about anything....and I'm not super motivated.  I was hoping that Amber's Get Your $#!+ Together September would be a push for me, but I've been half-assing it.  I haven't gained or lost any weight the past 2 weeks - but, since I've been eating like crap (like having ice cream every night) I guess, I'm glad it didn't come with a 5lb gain.

My husband has been traveling for work and that has really thrown my schedule off.  He is the one (thankfully) who gets my girls ready each morning for school; so I don't typically deal with the drama.  I'm so happy that I don't have to do that every day.  He will be home tonight; and I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine (morning workout at the gym before work) starting again next week.

Now, I'm going to swipe an idea I saw on Margaret's blog yesterday; 5 things.  Thanks for the idea.  It also sort of goes along with Darci and 5 on Friday.

One of my favorite words:    
1.  Hmmmm.  I don't know if I have a favorite word, but I do have a favorite saying:   "Shut Up" - I say that all of the time for good and bad.  I don't think I realized I was saying so much until my little one started saying it too.

Two things that frustrate me:
1. When my children completely ignore me when I'm trying to ask them a question.
2.  People who type or text or ignore you while you are talking to them (or explaining something in a meeting) and then they ask you a question about something you just explained.

Three fall shows I'm pumped for:
1.  Modern Family (and I'm so mad that I can't watch it until my husband gets is all ready to go on the DVR)
2.  Scandal - I love, love, love this show - I can't wait for the premiere next week
3.  New Girl - This show is hilarious.  I laugh out loud every single week!

Four things you may not know about me:
1.  I was born on my dad's birthday - and I love my birthday
2.  I love decorating my house for the holiday's.  My favorite is Christmas --- I love putting up all of the decorations right after Thanksgiving, but they have to come down by Jan 1st - I'm usually ready to start thinking about spring by then.
3.  I get really bad migraines; I'm still trying to figure out what triggers them....but so far, no luck.
4.  My degree is in psychology; but I work in corporate retail.

Five things I'm looking forward to:
1.  My husband coming home tonight; although not looking forward to him golfing in a tournament tomorrow
2.  The weekend - the weather is still supposed to be great here
3.  Girls weekend with my cousins and aunt's in October
4.  Getting back to the gym next week ---- plan is to go at least 4x
5.  Planting some fall flowers this weekend

Have a great weekend.


  1. New Girl is such a good show!!!

  2. I agree, I absolutely love it - I am still trying to convince my husband to watch it with me. I am always laughing when I watch it!!!