Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So What Wednesday

Linking up again with the lovely Shannon at Life After I Dew to say So What to a few of life's little things.....

Here we go.......So What 
  • That I cried once my little peanut got on the school bus today for her very first day of Kindergarten.  I put my sunglasses on and drove to school to see her get off the bus.....and then I cried all the way back home again.  I can't believe she is in school, where has the time gone?

  • That I didn't get a chance to tell my older one to have a good day after she got off the bus, because I was so worried about my little one.  My older one had her first day of school yesterday.  She got off the bus, hugged her little sister, said "have a great day!" and then took off before I could even talk to her.  I guess she didn't care that I was there - she is a big 2nd grader after all!    

  • That once I left school I had to go back home to put eye makeup back on (see above)
  • That stopping at home made me more late for work.....
  • That since I was already late, I decided to swing into Starbucks for a delicious fall Pumpkin Spice Latte instead of going right to work.  YUM!!!

  • That I am not anywhere near ready to leave this weekend for Vegas.....I still need to find time to go to the dry cleaner to have 2 dresses cleaned so I have something fancy to wear!

  • That I'm about ready to punch the owner of the car repair shop where I just took my car last week --- to have my air conditioner fixed, only to have it break again 2 days later.   GRRRRR!!!!! 
Happy Wednesday, what are you saying "So What" to today??

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