Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back At It

I've been less than motivated to hit the gym the past few weeks...........but my sister (aka accountability partner) and I finally decided it was time to get back at it.  We committed to going to Body Pump on Monday night.  My sister was the smart one, she decided to lower most of her weights for the class.....but not me.  No, I wanted to push myself just a bit.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  By the end of that class, my legs were shaking and I could start to feel the pain in my shoulders - I knew I was in trouble, but I agree with this:  

Yesterday, it was a miracle that I could get up out of bed, shower and wash my hair.....all while standing on super shaky legs.  But, today - it is even worse!  I am going to try to walk as much as possible around my office buildings today so that I don't start crying when I try to stand up (or sit back down) into my office chair.  But, it was a start.  I'm planning to do something tonight (probably won't have time to hit the gym between work and my daughter's dance classes) but - something to make sure that I'm at least stretching out the super sore muscles.  

I was really excited to see Tiffany's Fit 4 Christmas Challenge.  You can find the details here.  This is just the extra push I need to get myself back in it!  You can use any food and fitness program that you want and you just need to take your measurements, weight & pictures at the start (Nov 1st - Friday) and then again at the end on Dec 20th - and send the results to Tiffany.  I'm really excited for this challenge - this is a rough time of the year with Halloween treats, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (ohhhhh, all of the yummy cookies) so it will be nice to have an incentive to keep me in check!

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