Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy 9 Years!

I'm still having computer issues, so posting has been an issue.

Last week was celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary.  It still does just feel like yesterday that we got married and started our lovely little family, I'm amazed at how quickly time flies.  

I loved our wedding day.  We decided to get married in October.  The 23rd.  We live in Minnesota, so the weather can be tricky in October.  We were hoping for a nice-warm fall day; with beautiful fall colors for our pictures.  Well, it started out a little rainy and it wasn't the warmest day that really limited our outside pictures.  We ended up only taking outside pictures at the reception site but we were still able to get some really pretty pictures from inside the church.  The weather didn't damper our day though - It was still amazing.  There isn't really much of anything that I would change about that day (except for the Deacon calling me Justin.....instead of Justine; yeah, that was fun.  I had to tell him while I was standing at the alter that my name was pronounced JustEEN, not Justin.).  But, aside from that, everything else went off without a hitch and we were surrounded by friends and family.  


Our wedding reception was at the Minnesota Zoo.  It was such a unique place to have a reception; it was in the part of the zoo called Discovery Bay - which is a huge aquarium.  The backdrop for the entire reception was a giant dolphin tank - and the dolphins swam behind us during the first part of the reception and dinner - it was so cool!  I still have people tell me that it was one of the best receptions they have been too. 

*this isn't the greatest picture ever, but  you can see the giant window into the dolphin tank:

I'm looking forward to our 10-year anniversary next year - as we are already planning a trip to Hawaii to celebrate!  


  1. Aww, happy anniversary! And I don't know what he was thinking, you don't look at all like a Justin ;-)

  2. Happy Anniversary girl!! And that is so awesome that your reception was at an aquarium!

  3. Reception in an aquarium?! Awesome!