Monday, October 28, 2013

My Daughter, Isabelle

I posted yesterday that it was my anniversary last week.  Well, if you have kids, you know that anytime there are "presents" around - your kids open them....Not You.  And, that is exactly what happened to my hubby and I on our anniversary.  The girls both helped us open our little presents that we got each other.

When we, I mean THEY, were done opening presents, my oldest, Isabelle ran upstairs to her room.  She was acting all sly and sneaky.  She had made us an anniversary card (which we knew).....but we didn't know what she was doing when she ran to her room.  Well, she came back downstairs and handed us her hand made card.  When my hubby opened the card, out fell $15.  $15 dollars of HER OWN money.  Now, my daughter loves her money.  She counts it all of the time and can always tell us exactly how much she has (right now she has $46).  So we knew this meant A LOT!  But, of course we didn't want to take her money. 

We said "Oh, gosh, Isabelle, thank you so much, but you didn't need to give us a present".  Much to our surprise, that was probably the worst thing we could have said to her.  She burst into tears and ran up to her room.  She was devastated that we didn't want her gift.  I started to tear up at that point, because we had hurt her feelings.  We tried to calm her down, but she was too upset.  After a while, she did manage to calm down and we explained to her that it was so special and generous of her to want to give us her own money as a gift - but we loved the card so much that she had given to us - and that was enough of a gift for us!!  Eventually she did take the money back.  

The very next morning, I received an email from my daughter's teacher from last year.  It said:  

I just had to send you an email and tell you how sweet it is that Isabelle drops by my room every morning and gives me a hug!  She has given me homemade cards and other little gifts like last year, she’s so thoughtful.  Just thought you should know she brightens my day!  Hope your year with a second grader and kindergartener is going well!  Have a good day :)   

I was beaming and tearing when I read that email.  I had to call my husband right away.  That was one of the best "presents" I could have ever received.  I'm so proud of her!  

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