Friday, November 22, 2013

Do You Cartwheel???

I love Target (I may be biased) and I'm a fan of any sort of discount or, I ask you - what could be better than using an APP to get a discount on things I already buy at Target???  Nothing, right?!?
Enter Cartwheel.

This is a fantastic app, because you can use it at the checkout right from your phone (or you can print out a copy from your computer if you don't like using your phone) and you get a discount on things you are probably already buying anyway.  We do all of our grocery shopping at I love this app to save additional $$ on my purchases.  I've already saved almost $135 using cartwheel since it first launched.  You can use Target coupons, manufacturer coupons and then Cartwheel saving on top of both of those.  Going into some big holiday shopping starting next week - I'm excited to use Cartwheel on the things I'm buying anyway!!!!      

Also, you no longer need to link your Cartwheel to Facebook --- you can sign in with a account and use it too without a Facebook account!  Check it out --- Happy Savings!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Planning, Planning, Planning

I haven't been really motivated the past few weeks ---- but with a little push and accountability from Tiffany and her Fit 4 Christmas challenge I finally feel like I'm getting back on track.

The Fit Train

I also need to get back to meal planning.  I definitely do better during the week (at home, with dinner) when I have a plan.  We are so busy during the week between work and our kids activities - that often we just grab whatever is quick for dinner ---- which isn't really typically the best thing for me or my family.  So, back to planning out some meals and for me to get back to lowering my carbs.  I was intentional when I grocery shopped this week and I bought specific foods to make.

Yesterday I made shredded taco chicken in the crockpot.............this may be the EASIEST thing to make of all time.  I took a bag of frozen chicken breasts added a packet of taco seasoning (or you could use any type of seasoning you like if you don't buy packets) and cooked it on low for 8 hours.  Once it was cooked it shredded apart with one fork - and I packed it up into separate containers for meals.  *It also freezes really well - so I put 2 bags in the freezer for later.  This is a great (and quick) go to for us.  Our girls love it on a tortilla with a little cheese for a chicken quesadilla - or chicken tacos and I put it on some lettuce with salsa and avocado for a quick salad.

I also made a crustless quiche/egg bake found here.  And I'm going to try these Broccoli Bites later this week (I'm hoping to make them tomorrow).  My girls love broccoli, so I'm hoping they like these!
I'm also making Cauliflower Biscuits - you can find the recipe here.

I also hard boiled some eggs and these no-bake protein balls.  These are my go-to early morning "pre-workout" snacks.  I have to eat a small quick snack before I go to the gym in the mornings; or my workout really suffers.

This is how I'm planning to get back on track and hopefully get to my goals for the holidays.  
Happy Motivation Monday!!!!!

Daily Dose of Del Signore

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random Thursday Thoughts

Our home computer is still hanging on by a thread...........just when we were all ready to bite the bullet and buy a new one, it miraculously turned back on.  I know a new one is in our future....but for now, we can keep that expense on the back burner.

I love, love, love the red holiday Starbucks cups.  It just puts me in a great mood to have one of those holiday cups in my hand.  

That cup MAY be filled with a Peppermint Mocha.  My weakness during the holidays.  I try really, really, really hard to only have 1 per week.  Also, since most of the time I stop to get coffee on the way to work - the greatest invention ever is the little green "stopper" that you can put in the cup to stop it from spilling all over the inside of your car cup holder while you are driving (on the super bumpy road full of snow patches).  Ok, so most of the snow we got on Monday is gone and the roads aren't full of snow anymore.....I still always grab one of those stoppers so the coffee doesn't spill in my car.  

I do hate that it snowed the first week of November, but it was pretty.

I also decided that since it is fall/winter time ---- I wanted to try something new with my hair.  This is the darkest my hair has EVER been!!!!  I went way out of my normal color and had dark brown & dark red lowlights added to my hair.  I do love it - but I'm still getting used to it every time I look in the mirror.  I'm hoping the red lasts a bit longer in my hair, because I've been told that red tends to fade out pretty quickly.

Last random thought - I work in corporate retail; which means that we spend a TON of time getting ready for the Holidays.  It is always top of mind!  And to make sure we don't forget.....the area that I work in has a lovely chart that counts down the days until Christmas (which does tend to cause me to panic at least once per week) --- so if you needed to know this today:  It is only 47 days until Christmas.  YIKES!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st

Welcome to November....the good news is that it is Friday and almost the weekend!  It also happens to be daylight savings time again; bring on the extra hour on Sunday (but, boo to the even darker mornings now).  Friday also means that it is time for a little 5 on Friday link up with Darci.

I completely overslept this morning; I blame it on the late night after trick or treating.....and perhaps the 1/2 bottle of wine I drank (I decided to bust open some wine hoping that would keep me from downing any more snickers!!!)

Because I overslept, I didn't do my measurements yet.....but I did step on that D@&N scale this morning.  Not a fan of her display.  My goal is to try to drop 10 lbs. by Christmas.

Which leads me to Tiffany and her Fit 4 Christmas challenge.  I'm fully supporting this mini challenge starting today!!!

Halloween Favors.  How cute are these little things?!?! We made them for my daughter's to hand out to their classes.  I've made a few different ones as birthday party favors in the past, but I have to say; these turned out pretty darn cute!

Let's end with a Halloween picture --- my cutie's dressed as a cat & a mouse.

Welcome to November..........and if you are keeping's 53 days until Christmas (YIKES!)