Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random Thursday Thoughts

Our home computer is still hanging on by a thread...........just when we were all ready to bite the bullet and buy a new one, it miraculously turned back on.  I know a new one is in our future....but for now, we can keep that expense on the back burner.

I love, love, love the red holiday Starbucks cups.  It just puts me in a great mood to have one of those holiday cups in my hand.  

That cup MAY be filled with a Peppermint Mocha.  My weakness during the holidays.  I try really, really, really hard to only have 1 per week.  Also, since most of the time I stop to get coffee on the way to work - the greatest invention ever is the little green "stopper" that you can put in the cup to stop it from spilling all over the inside of your car cup holder while you are driving (on the super bumpy road full of snow patches).  Ok, so most of the snow we got on Monday is gone and the roads aren't full of snow anymore.....I still always grab one of those stoppers so the coffee doesn't spill in my car.  

I do hate that it snowed the first week of November, but it was pretty.

I also decided that since it is fall/winter time ---- I wanted to try something new with my hair.  This is the darkest my hair has EVER been!!!!  I went way out of my normal color and had dark brown & dark red lowlights added to my hair.  I do love it - but I'm still getting used to it every time I look in the mirror.  I'm hoping the red lasts a bit longer in my hair, because I've been told that red tends to fade out pretty quickly.

Last random thought - I work in corporate retail; which means that we spend a TON of time getting ready for the Holidays.  It is always top of mind!  And to make sure we don't forget.....the area that I work in has a lovely chart that counts down the days until Christmas (which does tend to cause me to panic at least once per week) --- so if you needed to know this today:  It is only 47 days until Christmas.  YIKES!!


  1. Oh snow...I'm just not ready for it. We had a random snow storm in October...seriously had like 4-5 inches of snow. I'll never be ready for it. And I'll never enjoy it. Ugh.

  2. At least the snow is gone already. Mostly.