Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kids and Their Honesty

My kiddos, man sometimes they say the funniest things --- and sometimes they say things that they really shouldn't.  When my oldest daughter was about 2, we were driving home from the store and I said to her "Oh no, I forgot to get milk at the store".  To which she replied "Damn It Mom!" I was in the front seat, driving.  She was in the back in her carseat so she couldn't see me; and yes, I will admit, I started laughing.  And then I told her, that isn't the right word, it is DARN it.  There have been other examples like this over the years, but this was the first one - and it will be stuck in my brain forever.  

Fast forward a few years.....and we have my younger daughter, the 6 year old.  She is hilarious.  She says the funniest things all of the time (we really should record her answering questions, she has the best one-liners).  She and her older sister were watching the Disney Movie "16 Wishes" the other night and when it was over they both decided to make up their own version of a wish list.  My little bug told my husband that her #1 Wish was for him to have all of his hair grow back.  My poor hubby, he has been slowing losing his hair for years......I think it hurt his feelings a bit.  She didn't try to be mean or hurtful, she was trying to be nice telling him that it was her #1 Wish!

Then last night we were watching the very end of The Biggest Loser, waiting for The Voice to start and my oldest daughter said "Mom, do you still need to lose weight?  Maybe you should go on the Biggest Loser."  Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I would like to lose some more weight, I'd like to drop at least 15 more pounds.  But, the Biggest Loser?  I don't think I need to go on the show.  I will admit, that the comment did hurt my feelings, but I don't think she said it to be mean.  I didn't get upset or show her that it hurt my feelings.  Instead, I responded to her and focused less about the weight comment and tried to be more positive and focused on the exercise part of the show.  I said "Yeah, do you think that maybe mom should try to work out a little more like the people on the show?  They work out really hard, don't they!"  

Honesty from your kids.  It happens - they say things sometimes that make you cringe.  But, I don't want my girls to have issues with weight or body shape or appearance.  So, for me that was also a wake up call about the things I say around them at home.  It is another type of Motivation.  I want to focus LESS on the "WEIGHT LOSS" and the NUMBER and instead focus MORE on being HEALTHY.  I want to be a good role model for my girls, by showing them how to eat well, exercise consistently and to just have FUN doing both!  

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  1. Hahahaha! I know it's wrong, but my favorite thing in the world is when kids swear.