Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Recap and looking forward to 2014

It's been a whirlwind past 2 weeks in our household.  We made it safely through Christmas.....but then had a run-in with stomach flu (both kids and me), a huge family party on Saturday and NYE.  Luckily my stomach flu happened after the party (at my house) and before NYE.  But, it was a BUSY end to 2013.

This past year, my hubby and I went on an adult-only vacation to Cancun.  We have agreed that we are going to have an every-other year vacation without the girls to somewhere WARM.  I'm counting down the days until our next vacation (especially today when it is -10 outside!).

We also took our annual trip to Las Vegas; although we almost always have friends that venture out with us, this year we were solo.  It was still an amazing trip - and we stayed in an amazing suite at The Mirage.

We also had season passes to the water park near our house for the 2nd season and we spent many weekend days there enjoying the water and sun.

We also took a family trip to Wisconsin Dells.  It was the girls very first trip to a giant water park (where they could actually go on water slides --- at the park near our house you have to be 48 inches tall, and even my oldest isn't quite there yet). We all had a GREAT time!  The girls also got to go to the kids-only spa and have manicures & pedicures.  So fun!

This year we had some fun changes - my BABY turned 6 and started Kindergarten!!! Tear.  My oldest turned 7 (going on 17) and started 2nd grade.  Crazy how time files!

Looking forward to 2014 - I'm going to work on my Goals, Intentions or Resolutions.....whatever you call them for the next year and post them next week.  As always, the top of the list will be to drop some lbs but I have some others to add to the list.  

But, here is my Top 10 list of things I'm excited about and looking forward to in 2014:

1.  My birthday at the end of Jan
2.  My brother's wedding in Feb
3.  My daughter's birthday in Mar
4.  Our 2nd trip to Florida in April
5.  For it to be warmer with No Snow in May and June
6.  Summer break trips with the girls in July and Aug
7.  School starting and going to Vegas in Sept (or maybe Aug....tbd)
8.  Our 10-year Anniversary trip in Oct to Hawaii
9.  My daughter's birthday in Nov
10. Family time and the holidays in Dec

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