Friday, January 3, 2014

First Five on Friday of 2014

It is the first Friday of 2014 --- Time to link up with Darci and a little Five on Friday, kickin it into gear edition.

One:  The Dress
Along with everyone else, I love the fresh new start of a new year.........and a renewed sense to kick my own butt into gear.  In the next few months I have my brother's wedding and a trip to Florida planned.  I would REALLY like to fit into my shorts it is time to start working out and eating better.  I bought this dress for the wedding - and the dress is just a bit snug, I'm sure nothing some spanx can't fix......but I would really like it to be comfortable for the wedding......I think with about 5-10 lbs gone, that will happen.
Two:  The Gym
I broke up with the gym back in the month of December, but it is way past time to get back together.  I was fully intending to start back in the mornings beginning on Monday.  BUT, it is supposed to be -13 with a -45 windchill on Monday here, so I'm not planning on leaving the house.  I know that sounds A LOT like an excuse, but I'm sorry, if my skin can freeze in 2 minutes outside, I'm not leaving the house.  It will be an at-home workout day.  And, I actually started the Jillian challenge today, that these wonderful ladies (Holly, Melanie, Kim and Jennifer) are hosting on can find out more about it here.

Three:  The Cleanse
I'm planning to do a 9-day cleanse at some point in the month of January.........before my brother's wedding (Feb 7th).  That cleanse scares me a little, back-to-back cleanse days of just drinking the product and water is tough............and while I feel a bit like garbage on the first cleanse day (since my body is releasing all of the terrible toxins I have stored up)...........I feel AMAZING on that 3rd day.  That is what gets me through the cleanse days.  I'm hoping to have my sister do it with me..........and I'm starting with my 2-a-day shakes for now.........2 meal replacement shakes and 1 clean meal.  I can already feel the difference.

Four:  Accountability
The pictures.  I am bound and determined to have before & after pictures to share.  I have taken the before pictures.......not pretty.  I want to finally have an after picture to take.  The Jillian challenge should definitely help me out with that!

Five:  Run
This one is my goal.  To run a 5k this spring.  I didn't do it last year; and I've totally been slacking in the running department.........but I want to finally cross this one off the list.

Happy Friday!  Stay Warm!!!

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  1. I love your blog

  2. " -13 with a -45 windchill "... bleh! We live in areas with a very similar climate it seems! I love Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 DVD and bodyweight CrossFit is awesome, too :) Happy New Year!