Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday - Wedding Cakepops!

Happy Friday!  It is a balmy 18 degrees here today (which does feel balmy, considering it has been well below zero with crazy -50 degree windchill).   We get a quick break from the Polar Vortex before we plummet back to the below zero free again on Monday & Tuesday.  Is it Spring Yet????

There is a ton going on for me these next few weeks - my future sister-in-law's bachelorette party is tomorrow night, next week is my birthday and the Superbowl.  And then the following week is my brother's wedding.  Today's Five on Friday linkup with Darci is just a rambling list of all things Cakepop related!

My brother is having a very low-key wedding - immediate family only at the ceremony and then a reception at a small restaurant near his house.  Instead of having a wedding cake - they decided to have a Candy Bar and Cake Pops.  And, lucky me, I get to make the cakepops for the wedding.  So - I've been slowly making the cakepops and freezing them before I dip them all the week of the wedding.  I only have Vanilla Cakepops left to make this weekend......and then the dipping fun begins.  I turned to Pinterest for all of my inspiration ---- I hope they turn out ok (fingers crossed).  Here are my Top 5 Pinterest Cake Pop Pins!

ONE:  Bride & Groom Cakepops
I'm going to make these for only the bride & groom - I've never made any cakepops this involved....I'm probably going to have a few practice ones along the way.  My future sister-in-law has Celiac's so these will be Gluten Free - Chocolate Cake

TWO:  Chocolate w/Peanut Butter 
The colors for the wedding are White and Gold - I love the decorations on these cakepops.  So simple but so pretty.  I have gold edible dust and many different white sprinkles to decorate the cakepops.

THREE:  Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese
I also love how these look - although all of my cakepops will be on sticks.


FOUR:  White Cake w/Vanilla
All of the cakepops will be on sticks ---- I founds some at Target; similar to these (the striped ones only).

FIVE:  Display Ideas
My sister and I are going to make a display similar to this one, but probably with fewer layers.  We want to keep the gluten free cakepops separated; so they won't be on this display.  

Please keep your fingers crossed that my cakepops turn out for the wedding.  I'm not really concerned with making them............the hardest part really is the decorations (which also takes a LONG time!)  I have a feeling the week of the wedding my kitchen will be filled with candy coating and sprinkles!!!!
Happy Friday!

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  1. Those are going to look so cute with gold sparkles on them!! Good luck girl :) I'm sure they will turn out great!

  2. Cutest cake pops EVER! Bless! Love the bride and groom ones and the gold glitter ones too! EEEEE! xx