Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shoe Shopping - Yes, Please

I love shoes.  Can you tell by the title of my blog?  I do love shoes and of course Shoe Shopping!!!!  Shoes are the greatest thing ever, because they almost always FIT!  Whenever I go shopping - if I can't find something fabulous to buy - I end up with new shoes.  I love all kinds and brands of shoes.....but I am short - so I typically buy HIGH-HEEL shoes!

Sunday my sister enlisted me to help her and my niece buy shoes for my brother's wedding.  Did you say, shoes???  Yes, I'm in!  My hubby was gone, so my girls got to come shopping with us.  I think they love shoes as much as I do (my little one, maybe more!).  Our first stop was DSW.  My mecca.  I love that store - and I usually don't leave without a pair of shoes.

But, Sunday - I didn't need shoes; my hubby bought me 2 pair of shoes for Christmas that I haven't worn yet - so I may have been busted if I came home with new shoes.  The focus for this trip was my sister and niece.  My sister already knew which shoes she wanted, she had been there earlier in the week - she just needed to buy her shoes.  But, my niece hadn't tried on anything yet.  We walked into the store and I started pulling shoes out of boxes and lining them up for my niece to try on.  I wear a 7-1/2 medium shoe so I can typically find any shoe I want in my size.  However, my niece has wide and large feet (like her dad, poor thing).  She is an 8-1/2 or 9 wide.  It is hard to find shoes that fit comfortably for her.  She is also not really a girly-girl; she is a hockey player and her typical wardrobe is sneakers, jeans and a sweatshirt.  So trying to find shoes that would look great with her new dress and that she could comfortably walk in was a bit of a challenge.  No luck at DSW for her..................but both of my girls found shoes that they absolutely loved - and they are pretty sure the "almost" fit.  Precious, in matching dresses - they picked out almost identical shoes!!!!(Don't mind the messy hair on the little one - she took her headband out as usual - my oldest has that hand on hip photo-pic down!!!) 

We decided to stop at Famous Footwear next to see if we could find shoes there.  I'm so glad we did (I normally don't shop there, but when you are trying to find shoes to match a dress - you just keep hunting at every store until you find them).  We were able to find shoes on clearance for her that coordinate with her dress perfectly - I forgot to take a picture of the shoes - but they are really cute!  And she could walk in them too (I told her to enlist my 7-year old if she wanted pointers on how to walk in tall shoes)!!!! My daughters were having no problems walking in the high platform shoes they picked out.  The girls get a lot of practice in my shoes at home!!!!

I will be wearing this dress & shoes for the wedding:



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