Monday, January 20, 2014

Try New Things

Happy Monday!  It is link-up time with Wendy and the other lovely ladies for Motivation Monday.
We are about 3 weeks into the new year, and I have not been consistent on either my working out or my eating better.  Last week I worked out twice - on a goal of 4-5 times.  Terrible. I feel like crap and my clothes are tight.  So, I decided it is time for a kick in the pants.  (Also, my brother's wedding is in about 18 days - and my dress is still a bit too tight - I would like to be comfortable in the dress that day/night).  

CLEANSE!  This isn't necessarily new for me, but I haven't done a 9-day cleanse in about a year.  I need something extreme; I'm sick of feeling so terrible and blah.  So, I ordered some new products which should be here later this week....I have enough product to start my 2-day cleanse this week - but I want to try a few of the newer products.

What is the 9-day cleanse?  I use Isagenix Products - and this is one of the Weight Loss & Fat Burning programs.  This program basically consists of 2 back-to-back "cleanse" days followed by 5 "shake" days and finish up with 2 additional "cleanse" days.  It is extreme, but it is also a great way to kick off weight loss and changes to your body!  Last year when I did my last 9-day cleanse - I lost 8lbs in the 9 days.    

Today is a pre-cleanse day - You typically have 2 pre-cleanse "Shake" days.  Today is my 2nd pre-cleanse day.  I'm having 2 meal-replacement shakes and 1 healthy meal with 2 small snacks.  The next 2 days are "cleanse" days.  Followed by 5 "shake" days and finished up with 2 additional "cleanse" days.

On a cleanse day:  You drink a cleanse product that provides all of your daily nutrients, eat snack wafers (similar product as the shake-but in a small wafer serving), eat chocolate squares- Yes, I said chocolate.  Up to 4 squares of IsaDelights chocolate each day.  And then you drink LOTS and LOTS of water.  No coffee or caffeine of any kind (this is usually the hardest part for me - I love, love, love coffee).  Also, sometimes I will eat a few slices of apple, celery or cucumber during the day if I start to feel run down or hungry.  Ideally you shouldn't eat anything except the "snacks" and chocolate.....but sometimes I just need that small bit of food to get me through.

This is a cellular cleanse; it aids the body in removing impurities that you are exposed to each day.

  • It feeds and nourishes your body - it does not deplete your body (it is not a diuretic)
  • It encourages safe and effective weight loss
  • It boosts mental and physical energy and endurance
  • It contains over 100 nutrients, including ionic materials, antioxidants, aloe vera and gentle cleansing herbs that support your body's vital functions and immune system
I need to do something extreme to change the way I'm feeling right now.  And, I figure I can do anything for 9-days, right?!?!  I weighed myself and took my measurements yesterday morning ---- I will post my results at the end of the cleanse on Jan 30th (right before my birthday!!!!)  It is now posted, so I need to stay accountable!!!!!

What new things are you going to try this week, month or year????
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  1. I've never heard of that cleanse before, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Thanks! I always feel so much better after doing the cleanse days!!!!!