Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Brother's Wedding Recap

This post is a bit overdue, but I started writing it after the wedding, but never ended up publishing it for some reason.  So, here it is today.  For my brother's wedding, he and his lovely wife decided to have a small family only wedding and a big party-reception.  They rented out a cute little restaurant near us to host the reception (aka. big party).  Since they were having only the reception, they decided not to have a traditional wedding cake but instead had a candy "bar" and cake pops.  Here was a sneak peak of the cakepops and the display prior to the reception:

They also decided to save on some additional costs by making their own floral arrangements (read:  made by my sister and me).  We got up early on Friday morning, went to the restaurant as soon as we could get into the place and starting creating the master piece floral arrangements.  I forgot to take a picture of the final project (oops).  They were so pretty and they turned out awesome (in our opinion, and the bride's - which was all that mattered).  The final version has white epsom salts in the bottom of each vase with a battery operated tea-light candle sitting down in the salt crystals which made the bottom of the clear vase glow below the flowers.  We got a TON of compliments on them!  And, my aunt and cousin each stole took one home with them after the party.

The wedding ceremony was so nice.  Since they were having such a small ceremony, my sister and I were also the photographers for the day.  We worked hard that day!  My brother and his wife decided that they didn't really care about having professional pictures taken - they just wanted some fun pictures to remember the day.  Neither my sister nor myself are anything close to professional photographers - we were just both taking as many shots as possible with the hopes that some of them would turn out.

My girls were the only other people that stood up with my brother and his wife.  They were beyond excited to be part of the big day.  We all had the best time!

Here are some of my favorites:  

My brother & wife with me and my sister

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