Monday, April 28, 2014

Back to It - Recaps & Fun

Wow, it has been awhile, trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation can be tricky.....especially when you come back the Thursday before Easter.  Vacation was amazing --- although to be honest, I typically refer to this as a "Family Trip" instead of vacation.  Vacations are supposed to be quiet and relaxing (like when my hubby and I have a vacation to Mexico).....this was definitely more of a whirlwind trip with the girls.  It was fun and we had an amazing time - but it wasn't relaxing --- I needed a few days off when we got home.

We spent the week in Florida.  We started out near Tampa where my hubby's grandparents live.  We stayed with them Thurs evening, Friday and Saturday morning.  They are in their mid-80's so having a 6 year old, an 8 year old and 2 other adults in their house is CRAZY for them!  They are fantastic though.  They are my role models.....and who I want to be just like when I'm older and retired.  They live on a golf course, they walk everywhere and play golf with friends a few times a week........they also have cocktail hour every day between 4:30 and 5:00 - loved that!  We spent Friday at the beach - and Saturday my hubby golfed with them and then we drove back to Orlando in the afternoon.  We spent the rest of our trip in Orlando:  Universal Studios, Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom.  It was fun and busy!!!!  The highlight of our trip was definitely Magic Kingdom --- even with a few issues for our Fast Pass Rides.
Here are a few pictures from the trip:

We returned just in time for my hubby's birthday & Easter - it was a busy weekend, and I was so happy NOT to host Easter brunch at my house --- my brother & sister-in-law hosted instead.  It was a gorgeous day here in Minnesota - a reminder of why we live in this state (since we came home on Thursday to a few inches of snow.....which thankfully were all melted by Saturday).

Yesterday was my daughter's First Communion - it was such a great day, despite the pouring rain.  My husband was a little freaked out by how grown up she looked (and that she was in a white dress & veil).  She wore my wedding veil for her communion, it matched her dress perfectly.  It was a great day filled with love, family and friends!

Now - it is back to work and back to post-vacation/birthday/holiday/communion party eating!  Time to plan out my meals and back to the FMD diet plan!  For a little extra motivation, I joined another dietbet right after Easter - and I'm hoping this time I win!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday - Vacation Mode!!

We leave for vacation tomorrow- Yahoo!!!!!  I'm working toward my goal to still drop about 9 more pounds - but today I'm celebrating success for the last week.  I worked out almost every day and that is more than I've done in a while.  I only had 1 cheat meal on Saturday afternoon.  And the results of that hard work showed up this week!

Weigh In Wednesday Results with Ash & Heather:  One funny thing happened when I first stepped on the scale this morning with my phone in my scale read:  147.8.  HUH?!?!?!  When just yesterday I weighed 164, I think not.  I stepped off and stepped on it again and got an error.  When it reset I stepped on and then off and then on again and 163.8 was my true weight.  I would be so pumped with the other number; but for today - I'll take the loss.  Down 1.2 for the week.

I'm still going to try to stick to my eating plan and get a few long walks/runs and HIIT workouts in while we are on vacation - my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I don't want to gain 5 pounds back on vacation when it's taken this long to break through my plateau.  The plus side of our vacation is that we are spending one day at Universal Studios and one day at Magic Kingdom - so we will be walking a ton!!!!

It is a gorgeous day today in MN - we are supposed to hit 70 degrees!  Hopefully I will be able to enjoy at least a little bit of time outside today to soak it all in!  Happy Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Accountable.  It is week 2 of my linking up with Ash for Weigh-In-Wednesday.  I'm also 5 days away from my 2nd diet bet weigh in (and I have 3lbs to go to cash out!) and one week out from vacation.....hooray!  Mother Nature has played a terrible joke on us in MN.  Sunday it was 60 degrees here --- it was glorious!  But the past few days have been cold again (38 today and between 35-40 the next few days) not to mention that now our forecast calls for 6-12 inches of snow between Thurs & Fri.  BOO!  Bring on the warm sun & beach next week!!!!  I can't take it much longer.

Weigh In Wednesday

Anyway ---- on to the WIW results.  I'm about at the same weight as last week....but after having friends over Friday night and all-you-can eat Brazilian Steak House on Saturday night (plus may 1 or 12 glasses of wine) I'll take it.  This week the plan is to kick up the workouts and drink WATER, WATER, WATER.  I'll be so happy if I can make my DietBet goal next week ---- not to mention it will be the first time I've been below this weight in 2 years!!!

I haven't been able to get to the gym as planned in the mornings, my youngest is sick and her constant all-night coughing attacks haven't really been helpful when the alarm goes off at 4:30.  I feel like I haven't slept in a week!  But, I have managed to work out at home.  I'm a little tired of the Jillian DVDs, so I've started some HIIT workouts instead.  I've done this one twice - I was definitely sore after the first time!

and I'm planning to try this version tonight:

I love that each of them only takes about 20-25 minutes and you can definitely feel the difference after you do it.  Happy Wednesday!!!!

Have you tried any HIIT workouts????  I would love to hear from you!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

Yesterday's link up with Wendy and the Motivation Monday group was Healthy Crockpot Meals.  I love my crockpot, I actually have 3 of them in all different sizes.  In our house, we use our crockpot at least once a week.  One of my favorite things to make in it is shredded chicken.  Wendy mentioned it on her post yesterday too.  It is probably one of the easiest recipes ever to make.  Throw some chicken breasts in the crockpot, add some seasoning (taco seasoning or salsa) and cook on low all day.  Then shred it up - it makes awesome tacos or chicken for a salad - I think we probably make that at least once a week.  I also love to make chili, roast and soup in my crock pot!  As a matter of fact, last night we made roast in the crockpot and then shredded it up to make French Dip sandwiches.

I've also recently talked about these favorite crockpot recipes:

My crockpot is one of my top used appliances in our house (probably right after the microwave and the Keurig).  

Daily Dose of Del Signore
What are your favorite recipes???

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