Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday - Non-Scale Victory

I'm linking up with Ash for WIW.  My weight hasn't really moved at all the past few weeks ---- and since last weekend was a holiday; I'll take NOT having the scale go up this week!

Weigh In Wednesday

I have been trying on all of my "summer" clothes since before we went on vacation in April.  I'm very happy to say that everything fits (or is actually a little too big now).  I was beyond excited this past weekend when I pulled out a pair of shorts that have not fit me in over 2 years!  Clothes are always such a great way to "measure" since often the scale and/or measuring tape itself don't really move.  This picture below is from this weekend - we were fortunate to be able to go out on a friend's boat and the girls got to go fishing for the first time (bonus - I'm wearing the shorts and I let my hubby take my picture- I really need a haircut!)

I'm back on my eating plan and I've started back up with my morning workouts this week!  I'm hopeful that the workouts will kickstart the weight loss plan back into gear!  But, I know you've all heard it before - you can't outtrain a bad diet --- true, but you still need to do the work.  I've been eating well, but I have been slacking in the workout category!  Back to business!!!!!

And speaking of clothes.........I am so excited that I finally found a Maxi Dress!!!!  I have been looking and trying on Maxi Skirts and Dresses all over the place, but they NEVER seem to fit me.  You see, I'm short --- I'm 5' 3" short and I have short legs.  Most "capri" pants are basically correct length pants on me and while everyone out there can sport an awesome maxi dress or skirt, I cannot.  Until NOW!  I saw this adorable maxi dress last week at Target.  I held it up and was shocked to see that it wasn't skimming all over the floor like I bought it.  Tried it on at home and love it!  I haven't taken my photo yet, but I will.  As you can see on the model below, this isn't exactly to the floor on is on me, but still not scraping the floor with 3 extra inches of fabric to trip over.  SO, if you are vertically challenged and looking for a cute maxi dress, go check it out!


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday - Flower Edition

Happy Friday!!!
It is supposed to be a GORGEOUS weekend here in Minnesota this weekend!  So after a much needed DEEP CLEAN of the inside of my house ---- it is also going to be a great weekend to get outside and clean up the exterior of my house ----- mostly picking weeds, cleaning up rocks and planting flowers!  It is my favorite time of year - I love adding all of the beautiful flowers around my house - it just makes me happy to walk up to my front door and to see color!

Here are some of my favorites!

{ONE}  Double Impatients
Image Via
{TWO} - Gerbera Daisies
Image Via

{THREE} - Begonias
Image Via

{FOUR} - Dahlias
Image Via

{FIVE} - Tulips 
*Tulips aren't an annual flower like the others above.....and I'm really excited because my tulips are all blooming this week!  They are my all time favorite flower - I'm so excited that they are doing so well this year - with our super harsh winter, I wasn't sure if they would make it!  

Image Via

What are your favorite flowers to plant?????
Happy Friday - and Happy Memorial Day weekend; I'm looking forward to the 3-day break from work and having ZERO plans for the entire weekend!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm back............I cannot believe how long it has been.  Life really just got the best of me the past few weeks.  We've been going non-stop between work, kids activities and holidays I just haven't had a moment to stop and think let alone write something down.  Even my poor house has taken a toll, I cannot remember the last time my house was EVER this dirty.  Terrible. But, things are finally starting to settle back down.  Work is back to a manageable level and the girls are still really busy with sports (softball and soccer) least I finally will have time to DEEP CLEAN my house this weekend.  Finally!

Here is a picture from our first whirlwind weekend of my girls Dance Recitals:

It is Wed --- which today means Weigh-in-Wednesday with Ash.  My weight has been hovering right around this same amount for awhile now 163.0; which I think means I'm going to have to change up my routine.  I've started the Bikini Body Mommy 2.0 workout and I'm really watching what I'm eating (following a modified version of the Fast Metabolism Diet).

We have switched to a more casual dress code at work - which means almost every day I can wear jeans!  I love that!  Although, as I have been wearing my current jeans ---- they are wearing out, so much that 2 of my staple pairs have holes in them now......which led me to jeans shopping and my Non-Scale Victory:  I bought a size 10 pair of jeans.  I honestly DO NOT remember the last time I owned a pair of size 10's.  I'm pumped!  It was really a huge boost to my mindset to continue on this journey!  I'm hoping soon to be able to rotate all of my size 12 jeans out - and in with the all new size!!!!  Don't mind the picture, I had a dress on when I was trying on it may look a little weird - but they are a 10 - and there is no muffin-top, I'm beyond thrilled (even if it doesn't look like it in the picture, I was doing a little happy dance)!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

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