Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Monday!!!!

Today is June 2nd (Monday) - yesterday was the start of a fresh new month - JUNE!!!!  I'm ready to kick it back into gear!  I fully planned to get up and go to the gym this morning; I picked out my outfit; packed my gym bag and got everything prepped to get up and out the door...........but, one small thing - I forgot to re-set my alarm clock!  So, I didn't get up in enough time to get to the gym; so instead I worked out at home.  I did my Bikini Body Mommy - Day 29 Workout and my 2nd day of the 30-day Ab Challenge.  I did forget to put on my heart rate monitor (I really need to set it out by my clothes!!!!!).  But, at least I still managed to get my workout in!

I'm also starting a new 28-Day Fast Metabolism Diet plan.  I decided after a few weeks of coasting; it is time to clean up the eating/drinking too (nice weather = ice cream or cocktails on the deck at our house).  It is fine to have either every once in awhile; but I've slipped back into some bad treat habits again.  I just need to snap out of it.

So, I'm all ready with a fresh new attitude and outlook ---- and when I walked into work and sat down at my desk; I could smell something delicious - a huge box of pastries less than 10 feet from my desk.  Yes, I'm sitting in my chair and that is what is see if I turn my head to the left.

AGGHHH!  Well, I did look in the box; but I sat down at my desk and ate my overnight oats instead.

None for me, thank you ---- but, they sure look yummy!!!!

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  1. Great job resisting those doughnuts :) and I totally do the same thing with my HRM or I forget to start it haha

  2. Way to go not using getting up late as an excuse not to exercise! And with the doughnuts! I always forget to start my HRM too.