Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

It's Wednesday!  Weigh-in time with Ash, Heather and Erin.  Nothing much to report on my weigh-in this week - I went back to check last week's weigh in, and I'm up 0.5lbs from last week.  If you saw my post on Monday; I'm back on the Fast Metabolism Diet plan.  I really need this sort of plan to follow; because right now it is just easier for me to follow a plan than to try to do it on my own............the ice cream, candy and cookies get in the way without my plan. Here is my original post that talks about what I am doing on the plan.

One other big obstacle this week for me is that we are having a Bake Sale at work tomorrow and I volunteered to bring cake pops.  The trick will be making them without eating them or licking the bowl clean at the end!   (oh and to work at the bake sale.....I'm sure the smell of yummy baked goods will push me over the edge! I will need some serious Motivation & Will Power!)    Wish me luck!!!!!

Weigh In Wednesday

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  1. You got this. I make cupcakes to sell all the time. Just treat it as if you're filling an order for someone and have just enough for that order. :) Good luck!

  2. I can usually make cupcakes without eating them, but the bowl is another story lol. The trick is to make flavors you don't like :)