Tuesday, August 12, 2014

7-Day Positive Thoughts - Day 5

Back to my Positive Thoughts Challenge - Day 5

1.  Smaller clothes!  One of the best things about finally losing some weight; is that I'm now in a smaller size for many of my clothes.  And, I'm not stopping yet!  I do find myself still trying on or ordering the wrong size online.  I recently bought some new dresses for our upcoming Vegas trip - and I ordered 3 dresses in size large.  They are ALL too big!  Back they go!  It's a nice change from having to return things because they are too small!  :)

 2.  Diet Bets.  This is a great way to keep myself accountable as I get ready to go on a trip to Vegas in September and Hawaii in October.  This is my 3rd diet bet.  I lost my first 2 (each by less than 1 pound - bummer!).  But this time is different!  I'm following the Fast Metabolism Diet plan - and with 1 week down in my current diet bet I'm less than 2 pounds from my goal.  I'm determined to make it out of this round a WINNER!!!!

3.  Vacation!  I love my kiddos - but I think I'm as excited as they are that school starts in 3 weeks and my hubby and I have 2 trips planned.  First to Vegas in Sept and followed by a 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii in October!  We've been planning this trip for the past year - I'm so excited for it!  9 weeks away (but who's counting)!!

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