Monday, August 4, 2014

Is it really August? 7-Day Challenge!

I have been MIA, it has just been such a busy summer and I really haven't felt like I've had anything to write about - I've just been working and spending time with my family - just trying to enjoy life!  We had a very tragic death in our extended family at the end of June - and since then I've really just been trying to be "in the moment" with my family.  Not a lot of facebook or instagram posting and not any focus on this little notebook blog; and it has been really nice!  I saw a few posts on FB last week though - and one of them really caught my attention - and I thought it was a nice way to ease back into my little blog world again:  Sharing 3 Positives for 7 Days!  I think this is a great challenge and I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine again.  So, here we go:

7-Day Positive Thoughts Challenge
Day 1

  1. My hubby & kiddos - who make me smile and laugh (and sometimes cry) every single day!

     2.  Fresh Grown Tomatoes - my tomato plant is finally producing some amazingly delicious little cherry               tomatoes and I love that both of my kiddos have tried them and like them too!!!
     3.  Coffee - such a fantastic little drink, that gives me the pickup I need to get started on a Monday                     morning!

Anyone else up for this 7-day Challenge?????

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